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From: dennisearlgreen@yahoo.com
Subject: Babies Saved and Prayer Request

Baby Amber was saved from death just moments before she was to be aborted
The above baby girl (Amber) was saved from death just moments before her scheduled abortion.
Here are some of the latest accounts of babies saved at Richmond abortuaries.
December 9, 2007 One young girl left after an ultrasound, and said she was not going to kill her baby. Fred and Diana were present.
November 30, 2007 A couple changed thier mind, deciding to let their baby live. They spoke with Paul briefly as they left. They gladly accepted a literature packet.
November 28, 2007 Two babies saved. I was at RMCW with Mary, Fred, Diana, Paul, Hosanna and Malachi. We engaged an hispanic couple in conversation. It was rather difficult due to the fact that the wife spoke no English and the husband spoke broken English. Dispite the language barrier we were able to talk with him (Pedro) for some time. I called a Spanish speaking friend on the cell phone and putthem on with Pedro. A long conversation followed. During this time our ladies prayed with and for Pedro's wife. They decided to keep rtheir baby and we were able to point them toward a Christian medical clinic that would provide free care for them.
Shortly thereafter, another couple left the clinic telling Diana and Fred that they also changed their mind.
November 24, 2007 Mt. Gilead and Good News Churches had a team on the sidewalk at RMCW. A baby was saved late in the morning.
Baby saved at RMCW as Christians from Mt. Gilead ministered to abortion bound mothers.
Please keep our life saving outreach in your prayers. Babies are saved and lives are changed when Christians show up at the killing centers. All praise and thanks to the Father for His work in the hearts of those we encounter.
Consider joining LLM at the Assembly Building in Richmond, VA on Jan. 30, 2008 for "Pro-life Lobby Day" to speak out on behalf of the murdered preborn. We will be there again on the following day (Jan 31, 2008) for "Pro-Choice Lobby Day" to preach and distribute literature as pro-abortion supporters lobby in favor of the murder of babies. Call for details.
For Messiah our only hope,
Dennis Green
Keep Us On The Street
Please help keep us on the street to minister on behalf of the children scheduled to be killed. Babies are saved and the Gospel is preached as we daily minister on the streets and at the killing centers. If you can't be there, please help those of us who are. One-time gifts or monthly support helps to cover the cost of literature, fuel, vehicle repairs, and missionary support (family of twelve), etc. etc. Thank you.
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